Asap Granola Bar

Branding & Packaging

About Asap

To say that there has been an influx in healthy eating trends would be putting it lightly. Even youngsters are becoming conscious of what they consume and opting for healthy alternatives to fast food.

Asap stands for As Simple As Possible, granola bars designed for youngsters always on the move. For the packaging of these bars, the client needed us to create a strong connect with young adults and up the quirk factor without sounding too serious.

Drawing inspiration from nature to highlight the goodness of the bars, I opted for a squirrel as their mascot. Since the squirrel knows and picks the best nuts from the trees, she was the best fit for this brand. Bright and bold colours were picked for the background of each pack, changing from flavour to flavour. The typeface complemented the theme of nature and quirkiness which went with the packs.

Produced at

Elephant Design, India.

My role

I supported the team in branding and packaging from ideation to print-ready files.

A fun fact about the project - I got just 2 days for ideation and to present the first cut.  The idea was approved right away.

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