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© 2018 Linewise by Pooja Bhapkar

DEITY KOSH ~ Deck Of Hindu Deities

"Aim is to contemporize Indian mythology & bring a revolutionary change towards the subject with a new perspective and visionary language. "

Hindu Mythology is one of the richest elements of Indian Culture. Through generations, different stories in Indian mythology had been passed from generation to generation, either by word of mouth or through carefully stored scriptures. These stories, which form 'the backbone' of Indian mythology, are a rich source of practical knowledge and make us understand the world.

But young generation of India is far away from their cultural values. From self observation most of the people of my age don't know about the gods and their divine stories. The main purpose of choosing this subject for my masters project is to bring back the lost interest of people and introduce this subject to young generation. This project is intended to create the long term revolution in a cultural way as well as to fill up the cultural gaps between the generations. Therefore instead of illustrating gods in their regular way they have been illustrated like mythological super heroes. The visual language has been worked on to depict the traditional forms with western colours which would turn out into the indo- western combination. In Indian mythology the content is based on male energy and female energy. In this project the focus was to illustrate these male and female energies symbolically. This symbolism includes illustrative elements as well as colours and most importantly the line work. The elements which would represent the particular god have been used to create patterns. For example, lord Vishnu is symbolised by peacock feather, Brahma by lotus flower. The use of colours must represent the characteristic of gods, colour theory, colour meanings. In traditional drawings all the bright colours have been used. Therefore the colour pallets have been used here is completely different than the traditional colours. The mirror technique has been used to design cards which mainly includes diagonal mirror and horizontal mirror etc. Grids has been used to finalise the position of the elements. According to Hinduism it is a belief that gods were human and because of their meditation and uniqueness they were blessed with supreme powers . Every human being is a form of god. Based on this thought the content and the look has been modernised. Since this is a religious subject there is not any intention to hurt anyone's religious sentiments.

 ~ Brahma ~

 ~ Shiva ~

 ~ Parvati ~

 ~ Laksmi ~

 ~ Durga ~

 ~ Vishnu ~