Automotive Insights


About Automotive Insights 

HPS's ‘Automotive Insights’ is jam-packed with facts and figures that help inform and inspire success for brands. Put together by their very own Programme and Insight Executive, Connor Triggs, their free guide is full of first-hand insights into:

  • Key reasons consumers change car

  • How long the average consideration process takes

  • What consumers think about pricing and offers

  • The number of dealership visits and test drives it takes to seal the deal

  • Next steps for brands to take

Produced at 

Breakfast of Champions - Part of HPS Group UK

My role

I worked on this project from layout setting to preparing print-ready files and guidelines for printers. The ask was to design this booklet within the parameters of HPS Group's earlier design aesthetic (They have recently updated their corporate identity). HPS group has defined brand language and image library which is quite bold, quirky and humorous. The challenge was to use images only from the brand library supporting the content in an abstract manner.

This booklet was further printed on cards to share with their clients.

A brief look at HPS Group's Corporate Identity


The booklet is designed completely within the parameters of the company's defined brand language and using the image library which later got printed on the cards as well.