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© 2018 Linewise by Pooja Bhapkar

Shiva & Shakti ~ In search of life Divine ~

My artwork is based on the spiritual union of male and female. This illustration represents the Indian gods and goddess of love and desire. Kamadev, an Indian cupid with wings and love arrow. Shiva & Shakti, the origin of Kama sutra and Tantra art. Within our body, there is a fountain of energy which lays dormant. By Tantra art -spiritual techniques, it is possible learn how to unlock and kindle this energy. As this loving transformation is generated within ourselves, we radiate that frequency out in the world we experience. As balance is created within ourselves, we create balance in the Universe. In simple terms, a yantra -a geometric diagram- is a symbolic representation of a Mantra- sound. These are emblems of cosmic energy. It is said that if you are chanting mantras of a deity keeping his yantra while chanting can speed up the beneficial effects of the mantras.


This image I have illustrated is based on the 'Kamdev yantra' which is used for gaining your desired love in your life and protection of your love. It depicts the story of Kamdev which makes Shiva fall in love with Parvati.  It is the representation of effects of tantra has on our body, which stimulates our energy centres of the body. Which as a result produces energy vibrations and geometric as well as decorative patterns in the body which create a holy male- female union, and hence is known as 'Tantric sex'. Male- female union is the union of two energies who supplement each other. There is no power (Shakti) without a support and there is no support without a power; but exist only in relation to each other. In this way Shiva is identified with his own power (Shakti) and this power (Shakti) is himself (Shiva). Shiva represents pure consciousness which is inactive, the static aspect of the ultimate reality- while Shakti represents the world force, the kinetic energy of the concrete universe. The female aspect contributes the power to respond, to evolve. When opposites unite, the lack of balance, the tension, from which all things are born, is removed and the pleasure is experienced. This image mainly include patterns of circles, triangles, dots and lotus which are key elements of Kamdev yantra. According to their mythological meaning a dot represents the starting point of the creation and the infinite unexpected cosmos. Circle shows energy of the element water. Upwards triangle denotes energy, the element of the fire, and Shiva. A downwards triangle denotes spiritual knowledge which also denotes creative power of the cosmos, fecundity the element of water and Shakti (Parvati)