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About Dapper

Dapper, the new blockchain wallet from the creators of CryptoKitties is the first blockchain interface that uses smart contract technology in the browser to make full custody over crypto-assets safe and easy for everyday consumers.

Dapper is built to use the blockchain safely and it will make it easy for anyone to own, trade, and play with cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Produced at 

Dapper Labs, Vancouver, Canada

My role

My role included supporting the team in brand development, visual design, creating storyboard for product video and helping with social campaigns.

01 Branding

02 Landing Page

Site pages are adapted to all mobile devices
The user can check the website from anywhere in the world

03 Security Page

This is an explainer page about how Dapper is secure to use for non-crypto users 

04 Dapper Insider

The aim of this landing page was to convert non-Dapper users to Dapper by offering exclusive drops from dApp partners

05 Product Video

06 Marketing Campaign

Creative Head: Courtney McNeil

Head of Art: Guile Twardowski
Art Direction: Denise Schwenck
Communication & Design: Pooja Bhapkar
Design Intern: Carmen Li
Animation: Jack Bonnington 

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